Oct 10, 2009

And the winner for Octobers giveaway is...

#13 ~ AESTRAEA !!

*...my mild case of ocd is making me check this over and over and over, you have no idea!*

Congratulations on winning the lovely brooch from lilgreenshop, Aestraea, and THANK YOU to everyone who entered!! The giveaway for November 1st is just around the corner so be sure to get in on it! We have a beautiful Irish paper cutting by MySerenityWay that's going to be the prize. It's really lovely ♥


GreenWorks said...

Congratulations AESTRAEA!

Thanks everyone who entered and supported the giveaways ... and thanks Ruby for hosting me.

Maura :)

Aestraea said...

oh wow, I can't believe I won! Thanks for offering such a lovely giveaway :)

Ruby Clover said...

woohoo! what a happy and exciting little morning :)

No probs Maura, was my pleasure and thank YOU for hosting my giveaway too!! Can't wait to see who wins!