Feb 10, 2010

February Winner!


Thanks Susie Q, pouchlette en route this afternoon! And the winner just had to be someone that knows how to sew properly! Hope you like it after inspecting it for defects ♥

THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING, EVERYONE!!! I really appreciate all y'all taking the time to visit my wee blog and all the input on your faves in my shop.

Feb 2, 2010

February Giveaway!

Alright here's the scoop...I have approximately 8 billion and two bins of new and vintage fabric,vintage zippers,vintage buttons,lace trims etc. Yet I can barely sew a straight line. I've been hoarding all these sewing notions for years for the day that I magically become a master seamstress, sometimes I sell some of it in my vintage shop too.

So for this giveaway I'm offering up the first thing I've ever put a zipper in...a colorful little clutch! It turned out pretty good I think, except that I meant to make a wristlet but forgot to add a strap! Baby steps :)