Feb 16, 2012


I assume people probably think I'm exaggerating when they always hear me saying how much old "stuff" I have. I know I've said so many times, "you would die if you saw my spare bedroom/hoarding compound". But...I actually do have a ridiculous amount of stuff! Especially photos, there's thousands probably.

I have a monster collection of old postcards, stamps and vintage photographs. Lots of photos of Victorian babies with big bows on their heads and female couples (sisters for all I know), I've got a whole box filled with a travelling Vaudeville troupe and then another envelope filled with old creepy priests and nuns, another with antique class photos and some funerals etc. 

See I've always sort of hoarded these things and want to keep them secret and all to myself...but then sometimes I'll dig through them and see some stranger in a photo who is just begging to be added into a collage...giving her or him a whole different life from the one they knew before. I know it's really just me, being a weirdo and making up a pretend life for this unknown person...but, it's somehow comforting to me, since I sort of feel like I'm holding all their little paper souls captive inside of a wood box.  

So...that's just some of the weird stuff that goes on in my head and now you know. Here's a smidgeon of my photo collection, I think I'll show you my postcards next. Or maybe my beads. And I'll also link some of the collages I've made using these lovely people in my next post too, I hope you enjoy looking :) (each one of these photos I listed is a different bag of photos, none are duplicates...just so you realize the problem we're dealing with here!)

Feb 6, 2012

A trip along the beautiful coast of Co. Antrim, urban style...

A more gritty look into my travels across Northern Ireland. Some might say these photos aren't as beautiful as the typical rolling green hills that people are accustomed to when they think of Ireland...but I absolutely love these places! A few are linked to my Etsy shop where they are for sale. 
Enjoy :)