May 19, 2011

BIG SALE at RubyClover!

Welp...looks like this is it! The end of the world is approaching fast, so I've decided to have a nice big sale in my shop. Visit, enter coupon code RAPTURE2011 at checkout and receive 25% off of your entire order. I've been listing lots of new jewelry this week too, so have fun browsing the new stuff! I'll get your order shipped out right away in case the world keeps on turning as usual :)

May 3, 2011

Again with the new earrings :)

No I haven't given up on my pretty papers and wood boxes, but I've just been so addicted to beads and wires lately! I've incorporated some decoupaged wood pieces into my earrings and also some hand dyed lace bits...I really like those ones personally :) Oh and the necklaces with the rosettes and chains below...those have all sold out, but you can always contact me for a custom piece. Hopefully I'll have more of those in my Etsy shop soon too. ♥

 Happy May to everyone XX