Oct 14, 2011


Hey guys! 
I've decided to have a special giveaway this month with some of my Ireland photos and I'll be picking the winners on my birthday! Presents for me, presents for you la la lalala la la :D And yes you heard right...WINNERS...there will be THREE!

The actual giveaway is taking place on my Facebook page, so head on over and click on the Ivy Covered Door to enter. You just need to leave a comment on the photo and SHARE it on your facebook wall. I'll be picking the winners on Nov. 1st. Each comment on the photo is assigned a number and I'll be picking all the numbers out of a cocktail shaker (the usual way!), so make sure you leave a COMMENT along with sharing the link so I can count you! The winners will be able to pick any Ireland photo they like from either of my  Etsy shops, RUBY CLOVER and THE IRISH STILL.

Doing this giveaway is the perfect way for me to thank people for their long time support of my handmade goods, I REALLY appreciate it! So thank YOU and good luck on the giveaway! Oh and it's Worldwide, so anyone can enter! X