Nov 10, 2009

And the November Giveaway winner is.....

#6 ... Carapace !
CONGRATULATIONS! You're lovely Celtic artwork will be winging its' way over to you very soon, I know you're going to love it :)  
Thanks so much to Cathy and to EVERYONE who entered the giveaway this month, all involved really appreciate it! 
Next giveaway is December 1st  

Nov 9, 2009

Happy belated Birthday to meeee...

I still have Halloween make-up on from the day before...nice :)

Nov 8, 2009

Bread baking weather is here ♥

*don't mind the one in the back that lost it's top :)*
My dad will be in town soon and we'll have our annual bread making day with our old family recipe. It's alot of work, but worth it in the end! Especially with a hot bowl of Oxtail soup...yummm ♥

Nov 6, 2009

...playing around with some ttv shots using one of my old plastic 70's cameras.

Nov 3, 2009

I've got lots of stuff in the works for an upcoming craft fair that I'm doing with fellow Etsian CloverNoire (who happens to be family :) . I laughed as I was looking at my "work area" (dining room table) and had to take a pic. You know how cute and tidy and color coordinated some peoples craft rooms look when you see them featured on Etsy etc?! Not so with me! I really hope those people clean their rooms before they take pictures and they normally look just like that ^. I have half finished ornaments, photos, fabric and trims for barrettes, jewelry stuff...I'm all over the freakin' place.

Nov 1, 2009

November Giveaway!

Novembers' giveaway comes from Cathy of MySerenityWay out of Utica, NY. She makes beautiful Scherenschnitte, the German word for "scissor cutting" of paper into fanciful designs. This particular design is a trinity knot & shamrock surrounded by an intricate celtic knot border. The piece measures 5"X5" and is black on green. Cathy takes part in the Lotus-Butterfly Project and part of her proceeds from those specific items in her shop are donated to the Mohawk Valley Council on Alcoholism/Addictions(