Mar 18, 2010


                    Wee house in Irish village by IRIS O'CONNOR...

It's over at my new blog, get in it to win it!!

And I'll be hosting another give away RIGHT HERE within the next week, so stop back in. ♥♥♥

Mar 16, 2010

Double Duty!

I've started a second blog :)

I'll be doing double duty, updating both with giveaways and Etsy features etc. The other one is going to be geared towards my summer travel, places to visit in Ireland and a general Irishness all around. Stay tuned to both blogs, I've got 4 giveaways in the works right now and at least one will be on here. I'll leave you with one of my newer items added to my Etsy shop...a trio of distressed wood frames ♥

                                                    Rosey Gold Trio

Mar 12, 2010


It's not my own, but it's the next best of my Etsy pals! She's giving away a super cute pair of wire wrapped earrings with a purple stone. Very pretty and totally free if you just leave a comment on her blog with your favorite item from her shop. She's randomly picking the winning comment on St. Patrick's Day. Good luck!

Mar 9, 2010

Irish summer, looking forward to it...

Here we go again! Well we have a few months yet before we actually leave, but I can already imagine myself taking in huge breaths of that fresh air. It smells different there. Earthy. Mossy. Salty. Ancient. I'm always energized the moment I step out of the airport and breathe it in. I wish I could bottle it and bring it back to Chicago with me (yet I'm always ecstatic after a month of travelling to get back to the best city in the world). We'll be all over the island again, but a good chunk of time will be spent in Co. Kerry. I haven't been down that way in 10 years, so I'm super excited about that. Now I just need to practice my digital photo skills so I can come home with some nice shots for the aul shop . Would be nice to recover some of what I'll lose in the feckin currency exchange...the only drawback!