Sep 16, 2010

RubyClover Ornie Time!


Absinthe Beauty and Chloroform Angel Ornament

  Lawdy lawd! Has it really been 5 months since I've posted here?! Jeesh :/ We can blame that on a few life changing family matters and my long summer holiday in Ireland. Which was absolutely fabulous by the way :) You can check out some of my photography from this trip in my newest Etsy shop, TheIrishStill.

Christmas, or SMAX as I often refer to it due to a typing error that caught on among friends, is hauling ass upon us even though it seems like it was 95 degrees just the other day. So I've been whipping up some decoupaged ornaments as I do every September, so far I've got some Irish inspired ones and others that have that sexy vintage look...the usual pleasing themes you can always find at RubyClover :)


Dawn Hitchcock said...

Hi Rubes!

Lovely new ornament!

How on earth do you keep up with 2 blogs anyway? I haven't been to mine in ages. I finally figured out my password to my account, so now maybe I'll get off my tushie and do something.

MySerenityWay said...

Love the new "ornie". I agree with Dawn. How could you keep all this up? Not enough hours in the day, right? You get a "A" for trying!!

Ruby Clover said...

I neglect them both way too much!!!