Apr 3, 2012

My summer decoupage course in Ireland...

I'm super excited to share the info on my Irish summer course...Creating an Heirloom Box With Ruby Clover! I'll be teaching a 3 day decoupage class at The Art Hand in beautiful Bunmahon, Co. Waterford. It's a brand new modern art school that just opened their doors on St. Patrick's Day and they're offering courses in painting, ceramics, photography, decoupage etc. It's going to be a great time in a stunning location, right on the Copper Coast overlooking the Irish sea! We'll also be spending evenings together like a big ol' family...having dinner, going to the pubs, down to the beach etc. I'll be teaching students how to make one of my collaged boxes, providing everyone with the techniques and info they'll need to continue making items once the class is complete.

SO EXCITED! Please check out the details of my class on The Art Hands' website and have a look around their other pages to see photos and videos of their gorgeous location along with the works of the other artists tutoring there. And maybe if I'm lucky, I'll see ya there this summer :) 

Click on the photo above for a slideshow of my boxes :)


Skyler said...

Hey Angela! Its Skyler
I saw your post link thing to this from twitter. Good luck! :)

Sally said...

I like your blog!!...I'm gonna have to check out your twitter...i open up a twitter account when it first started...but i didn't get it...still not sure i get it ...lol

Melissa Placzek said...

How exciting! :)


Ruby Clover said...

Hi Skyler!!

Sally, I am just getting the hang of twitter after having it for months now...i don't do much on it, it's really only for people promoting businesses really as far as i'm concerned. I like fb better for socializing.

thx melissa!!