May 21, 2012

Phyllo success!

A few years ago I had a little phyllo "incident" and have been afraid to make anything with the stuff since. While grocery shopping the other day, I spotted the long awkward box in the freezer and was determined that I should have another go at conquering this bitch. I would make some kind of simple savory meat pie, nothing too layered or fancy. Well this time it worked and I'm very proud to show off my little masterpieces! 

I also made a little tzatziki type sauce with Greek yogurt, sour cream, garlic and tiny bits of cucumber. A quick tomato, cucumber and onion salad was perfect with it (tossed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a little garlic salt)

The Balkanesque meat roll turned out so good that I decided to try a little dessert...triumphant again! I filled it with sliced bananas and little crushed bits of a dark chocolate bar that I smashed with a mallet. Drizzled butter on all the edges to seal it up and cooked at 325F until it started to turn a nice golden brown. Served it up with some whipped cream and sliced easy and SO good!!


Devon said...

That looks so good,,I have a box in my freezer and I really need to use it,,thanks for idea..

lilgreenshop said...

Ooh both dishes look so good! Slabbering here now!

Ruby Clover said...

thanks ladies!! devon, just keep a damp towel over it while you work with it! i decided to do one big loafy thing instead of little individual pockets, so it wouldn't take so long. Was fabulous!