Jun 12, 2012

IRELAND bound!

Ok, so I've still got a few weeks before I leave yet...but I'm getting SO excited! It'll be my first kidless trip to Ireland in 13 years, I'm afraid I won't even know how to act! I've got quite a bit going on there this time, including the 3 day decoupage course that I'll be teaching at The Art Hand in Bunmahon, Co. Waterford. It's going to be a small and cozy class where I'll be teaching students the techniques I use to design my art boxes.

 We're also going to be taking photos of the area for another special thing that I haven't quite told them about yet...a lovely commemorative piece that they can hang on the wall to remember our intimate Irish times together! hehe I guess that was sorta tellin' though :P

I'm also totally thrilled to announce that a line of my jewelry is now being sold in Waterford at the fabulous retro clothing boutique, Vintage Trig. The lovely proprietor, Agnes, stocks a whole delicious shop full of  vintage dresses, shoes and stunning accessories. I'm really looking forward to some nights out on the town with my friends down there, including my fashionista friend Bonzie who has also just opened her brand new clothing shop in town. 

I'm buying a new fancy shmancy camera this week so I can bring home a whole new collection of Irish landscape photos too. I hope to be able to show you some fun pix from my nights out with the girls, should be a hoot! 

From Waterford we'll be heading over to Tralee to visit my super lovely friend Sarah for a few days and I can't wait to cruise around the amazing Ring of Kerry again! The last few days of our trip will be back on the east coast in Slane, where we'll stay with my friend Ann and meet up in Dublin with some of my friends that are driving in from Co. Down. I'll be meeting up with lots of other friends out there and can't wait to come back and blog all about their awesome crafts, shops and the drinky shenanigans we'll get up to! xxx

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Elizabeth England said...

These photos are soooo beautiful!