Jun 18, 2012

Post Cards...

A few months ago I mentioned my little hoarding problem and showed you some of my vintage photo collection, I said that I'd be back one day to show some of my postcards and stamps. I was just digging through my stuff last week, looking for a postcard with some particularly pretty doves since a friend asked me to make a locket in honor of her mother who has recently passed. Her mom loved doves, so I knew I had the perfect thing in my stash for the front of the locket...somewhere! I prefer to use images from my own collection rather than ones you can find online, I feel that it makes my pieces more special. So I found the one I needed and was left looking at all of these gorgeous images that I haven't seen in awhile. So I decided to take some pix while they were out and today I'll be showing you some of them :)

Mind you, all the photos here are from just one of my sets of postcards... I've got a few boxes of them, so I'm sure if I counted there would be several hundred all together! Most of my postcards were collected over the years from antique shops and flea markets, but this particular collection was given to me by my Aunt Mary. Alot of the ones in this box belonged to her Uncle Marty and his wife Florence who was from Montreal, so I love that alot of the correspondence is in French. (for any of my younger cousins that may be reading, Uncle Marty was Grandma O'Neil's brother)

My Aunt Mary is my hero for saving these old postcards, there's many from different family members...I think I'll start posting some here and there, sure my family will get a kick out of it. And so will people like me who love to dive into the past via peoples photos and letters :) Here's the front, it's a photo of The California Zephyr:

 Addressed to Uncle Marty c/o The Kuehls on 79th & Winchester (from Nebraska in April, but can't make out the year...4 cent stamp with bust of Abe Lincoln :):

"Hi Mart, Having a wonderful time. The base is the biggest I've ever seen. Went there for dinner Sunday "Officer's Club" for David's Birthday. Going to "Boys Town" this week end. Playing cards every night, progressive Rummy - Hate and Kings - Tell Mary to call Dave if she gets a chance, he gets lonesome. Love Marge"

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Elizabeth England said...

This is so funny! I love old postcards and these are gorgeous. Plus, they tell little family stories. Great stash.