Aug 20, 2012

A quick trip through Kilmacthomas and Dungarvan in Co. Waterford

Here's another little taste of  Co. Waterford, featuring the friendly and quaint town of Kilmacthomas and the seaside town of Dungarvan. I didn't get to spend nearly as much time here as I would've liked! Next time :)

Leaving Kilmac and headed to my friends house for the night in Dungarvan! 


Delicious dessert made by my friends' lovely daughter, Hannah. She made us all little name placards too :)

 hand out the window shot of the quay in Dungarvan!


nanouke said...

Oohh so beautiful!
Love love love your photos :)

Ruby Clover said...

thank you ana, the feeling is mutual!

Fran said...

Loved Dungarvan and it's so nice to revisit by seeing your photos!
Thanks Ruby :)
xo Fran